The Stupid and Wind Flower- Heartstrings OST

The Stupid and Wind FlowerCarmen Fantasy

Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa… Amazing Guitar and Gayageum duet !



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Ss501 더블에스오공일  is a South Korean band that appeared

in June 8, 2005 with five members:Kim Hyun-joong,

Heo Young-saengKim Kyu-jongPark Jung-min and

Kim Hyung-jun. Their first debut collection was “Warning”,

after which each member pursued solo works, yet

the group remained one band.




The band’s name is a synthesis of letters and numbers

that have unique importance. The first “S” is for

“Superstar”, the second “S” is a shortened form for

“singer”, and the combo of 5, 0, and symbolizes

“five people united as one forever”.




Ss501‘s official fan club name is Triple S (Sss) “Super Star

Supporters”Their first studio collection entitled ST 01 Now is a

mixture of “S” from Ss501, “T” from Triple S,and

“01 NOW” which, when consolidated through signifies 

“Ss501 and Triple S united as one from now until for eternity”.











Members: 5

Leader: Kim Hyun Joong       

Fandom: Triple S (Super Star Supporters)

Band Colour: Pearl Light Green


  • SS501 1st Single
  • SS501 2nd Single
  • UR Man (Special Album) – EP
  • Rebirth – EP
  • SS501, Vol. 1 – S.T.01 Now
  • SS501 Destination – EP
  • Single Collection – EP
  • Find

Top Songs:

  1. Let Me Be The One
  2. Because I’m Stupid
  3. Love Ya
  4. Promise To Promise
  5. Crazy For You
  6. Dèja Vu
  7. Find
  8. Never Again
  9. A Song Calling For You
  10. Until Forever                       


You’ve Fallen For Me: A Heartstrings Poem

One day I met you

And I knew that

My life won’t be the same

Before you, I was tired of

The girls who chased

After me and confessed

At first, I thought that

You’d be the same as them

Want to be with me

To make advantage

Of my musical fame

But it turned out

That you’ve touched

My heart deeply

With your sweetness,

Kindness and tenderness

And you’ve managed to

Change me completely

Before we met, I was

Confused by my feelings

I didn’t know true love

And what it means

Until I started to love you

You’ve fallen for me

I, now, know the true

Meaning of love with

You, my fair lady

I know that true love

Is about sacrifice and

Full truth as well

You’ve fallen for me

As I hoped after

Finally understanding the

Real genuine you

And I’m very sorry

And regretful that I,

For some time, pushed

You away from me

And my life

I’m very sorry cause

I thought pushing you

Away would be the best for you

However, I suffered a lot

In your absence and

I’ve finally figured out

That I’m nothing without you

I can’t live without you

You, baby, complete me

I’m sorry for every tear drop

That you’d to shed because of me

You’ve fallen for me

And I’ve fallen for you deeply

And I don’t want to spend

Another minute alone without

Your light and soul that

Give me a hope of

A promising joyous life

For us, together forever.


Songs quoted: *You’ve Fallen For Me- Jung Yong Hwa, Because I Miss You- Jung Yong Hwa &  All That I Need- Boyzone.


You’ve Fallen For Me (English Version):

You have fallen for me

The beginning started coincidentally for us.

At first, I had never knew this would be love even in my dream, but it is.

Your heart keeps going thump; thump

You keep smiling at me

And starting to love me without even realizing it.

You have fallen for me, fallen for me,

 Melted in my sweet love.

You have fallen for me, fallen for me,

Mesmerized by my charming gaze.

See my eyes, You fell for me

See my eyes, You have fallen for me

Love always comes unexpectedly like destiny.

It soaked me like shower I’d never know it was love.


Because I Miss You (English Version):

Always the exactly same sky and always the same day
Only thing that is different is that you are not here
I thought I’ve let you go. Without anything left
No, no. I still haven’t been able to let you go

Longing for you, I am longing for you.
Because I am longing for you, I call you and call you by myself everyday
Missing you, I am missing you.
Because I am missing you, now I just call out your name like a habit. Even today

Day by day, I feel like I am dying, so what could I do?
Love you, Love you I love you
Without even being able to tell you these, I’ve had to let you go like that

Sorry, I am sorry.
Can you hear me?
Could you be able to hear my late confession?

All That I Need:

I was lost and alone
Trying to grow making my way

 Down that long winding road
Had no reason no rhyme
Like a song out of time
And there you were standing in front of my eyes

How could I be such a fool
To let go of love and break all the rules
Girl when you walked down that door
Left a hole in my heart
And now I know for sure

You’re the air that I breathe
Girl you’re all that I need
And I wanna thank you, lady
You’re the words that I read
You’re the light that I see
And your love is all that I need


I was searching in vain
Playing a game
Had no-one else but myself left to blame
You came into my world
No diamonds or pearls Just like a castle of sand
Girl, I almost let love slip right out of my hands
And just like a flower needs rain
I will stand by your side through the joy and the pain