Ss501 더블에스오공일  is a South Korean band that appeared

in June 8, 2005 with five members:Kim Hyun-joong,

Heo Young-saengKim Kyu-jongPark Jung-min and

Kim Hyung-jun. Their first debut collection was “Warning”,

after which each member pursued solo works, yet

the group remained one band.




The band’s name is a synthesis of letters and numbers

that have unique importance. The first “S” is for

“Superstar”, the second “S” is a shortened form for

“singer”, and the combo of 5, 0, and symbolizes

“five people united as one forever”.




Ss501‘s official fan club name is Triple S (Sss) “Super Star

Supporters”Their first studio collection entitled ST 01 Now is a

mixture of “S” from Ss501, “T” from Triple S,and

“01 NOW” which, when consolidated through signifies 

“Ss501 and Triple S united as one from now until for eternity”.











Members: 5

Leader: Kim Hyun Joong       

Fandom: Triple S (Super Star Supporters)

Band Colour: Pearl Light Green


  • SS501 1st Single
  • SS501 2nd Single
  • UR Man (Special Album) – EP
  • Rebirth – EP
  • SS501, Vol. 1 – S.T.01 Now
  • SS501 Destination – EP
  • Single Collection – EP
  • Find

Top Songs:

  1. Let Me Be The One
  2. Because I’m Stupid
  3. Love Ya
  4. Promise To Promise
  5. Crazy For You
  6. Dèja Vu
  7. Find
  8. Never Again
  9. A Song Calling For You
  10. Until Forever